CALL US AT: 310-601-6831 or 818.606.0831

Michael, Laura and their staff speak, write and read ENGLISH, SPANISH, and RUSSIAN.

Basic Visits

  • Exchanges

  • 7 days a week 24 hours a day…Holidays too
  • Travel and overnights
  • For charges please see our Fees

Common Special needs include:

~  car seats
~  stroller
~  Physical Disabilities, tell us and we will work it out
~  Developmental Disorders, tell us and we will work it out

Our Services:

  1. will travel any place that is required to complete the assignment
  2. We require a staff member for every 3 children
  3. If you have plans for your children to visit a theme park etc., let us know

Our Special Services

  1. Special Weekend Events
  2. Recreation Activities
  3. Special Visits as needed
  4. Grandparent Visits/other relatives